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Level Window Checklist - Level Window slider inconsistent upper/lower bound behavior on mouse clicks.
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In Level Window Checklist by JonasR.
OS: Windows 10

CTRL (Cmd for macOS) + left mouse button click at the upper / lower border of the LevelWindow slider and move mouse up / down

Expected Result
Depending on where the mouse is, only the upper / lower bound is changed.

Observed Result
Ctrl + Click on upper border changes lower bound.

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Since this cannot be reproduced right now, we assume this was caused by user error, maybe clicking at the wrong location. For the upcoming release there won't be anything done about this.
In the long-term, we will have to think about if we want to try and improve level window UX, especially in regard to the MxN multi-widget view (T28578) which may need fundamental changes.

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