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Measurement Checklist - Possible inconsistent recentering behavior when clicking on geometry node in Data Manager.
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From Measurement checklist by Jos Lehmann.
OS: Windows 10 Version 21H2 Build 19044.2006

So this is a definite bug:

  1. Load Image. ( I loaded Pic3D.nrrd).
  2. Draw a line in a particular view.
  3. Change the slice of the same view.
  4. Click on the line node in the data manager.
  5. The line node is selected (and highlighted in the data manager) and the view jumps to the slice where the line was drawn.
  6. Change the slice of the same view.
  7. While the line node is still highlighted and selected, click on the line node again. We would expect it to jump to the slice where the line is drawn. But, this does not happen.

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Verify if it is a code or a teaching problem

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I don't think it is necessarily a bug, but rather unintuitive how it works. The recentering is not triggered by the clicking of a node, but via changes in the selection. One can also do things like select multiple lines (on different slices), then deselect one, and the view recenters to one of the still selected nodes.
For me, it would feel more intuitive if the view just recenters every time a node is clicked, regardless of the selection. But there is no bug apparent to me here.

After looking at the checklist again, I don't think there is a need to change anything. The checklist specifically only speaks of selecting the line-node once. When following the checklist instructions, everything should work as described.

I would still like to discuss if we want to take this as a reason to rethink the current behavior. As previously mentioned, for me it would feel more intuitive to recenter the view every time a node is clicked, not when the selection changes.

It was discussed and agreed upon, that it does not make sense to adapt this behavior in the Data Manager. If we want a clean implementation of the "set focus on planar figure"-feature, it should belong in the corresponding view (i.e. Measurement) instead of the Data Manager.
As this is not currently a specifically requested feature, this task will be closed.