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[SEG] Improve/correct button names of live wire/lasso tool.
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Wouldn’t “Create Segmentation” and “Clear Contour” be better button names?

Technically it’s not a segmentation if it’s not confirmed/created. I confused the “Clear Segmentation” button with the “Subtract mode” of the tool.

PS: There’s a typo – it’s Subtract and not “Substract”.

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"Clear Contour" is a good propsal that should be changed.

kalali added a revision: Restricted Differential Revision.Oct 17 2022, 6:56 PM

I changed the strings according to the suggestions in this task.
However, your last comment only stated to rename the "Clear Segmentation" button.

I changed the "confirm"-strings as well but I'm not sure if we should revert this: Other tools also have "Confirm Segmentation" as GUI strings. And if we argue that in their case we already have a segmentation (a preview segmentation) but here we only have an "empty" contour, than we could also think about renaming it to "Confirm Contour"?

The confirm string should not be changed. Result of the discussion was only to change the clear string.