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[Segmentation] Opened segmentation plugin and two binary mask in data manager lead to problems / crash
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When having two binary segmentation masks loaded in the datamanager while the segmentation plugin is opened, there are problems with the loading indicator and MITK crashed when the segmentation selection is changed.

Workflow to reproduce the bugs:

  • Load Image
  • Load (binary) Segmentation
  • Load second (binary) Segmentation
    • Loading indicator gets stuck at 50%, although mask seems to be loaded
  • In segmentation plugin, select the segmentation that was first loaded --> crash

OS: Windows 11
MITK Version: 2022.10.

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kahl triaged this task as High priority.Fri, Mar 10, 12:19 PM
kahl created this task.

I noticed that it only happens in v2022.10 but not in the latest develop so chances are high that it is already fixed but it should be double-checked with the upcoming snapshot installer.