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Help support in the workbench
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zelzer added a subscriber: zelzer.

[SVN revision 20186]
ENH (#2977): added utility class

[SVN revision 20187]
COMP (#2977): added missing files

[SVN revision 20188]
COMP (#2977): corrected wrong variable name. being more tolerant now.

[SVN revision 20192]
COMP (#2977): corrected wrong set command

[SVN revision 20198]
COMP (#2977): added support for automatic generation of .qch files (doxygen >= 1.5.8 needed)

@Matthias: There is now support for automatic generation of Qt compressed help files, but doxygen 1.5.8 or later is needed. Could you please make sure that the dartclient which is creating the 3M installer has an up-to-date doxygen installed?

I installed doxygen 1.6.1 on dartxp32 (vm that builds nightly3M and nightlyInstaller)

[SVN revision 20209]
COMP (#2977): Needed to install the event filter QmitkHelpHandler inside the WorkbenchAdvisor, where qApp is definitely not null. Otherwise, the program might crash during startup.

[SVN revision 20220]
ENH (#2977): Added utility method and diagnostic output.

[SVN revision 20222]
ENH (#2977): Added assistant executable to the list of installed files

[SVN revision 20253]
FIX (#2977): suppressing Qt Assistant popups

[SVN revision 20352]
ENH (#2977): added remote assistant control support

[SVN revision 20362]
ENH (#2977): added support for closing QAssistant on platform shutdown.