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[SEG] Add a writer for label image stack support
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Expected output:

  • image for each label (file name: use specified name and add label value as suffix; will have no collision in the future as it is guaranteed with T29206 that label values will be unique throughout all groups)
  • json that contains the meta info

Way to go for implementation:

  • New Writer (may be for the start only nifti, but in theory could support all itk image formats)
  • New MimeType (Something like "Exported MultiLabelSegmentation")
  • Refactor (extract) DICOMSegmentationIO::CreateMetaDataJsonFile so that it can also be used be reused by the new writer
  • Refactor (extract) DICOMSegmentationIO::Write Line 159-200 (the code that generates an itk image for each label) so that it can be used by the new writer to generate label images and then directly write them to file.

Remark: It should have a lower rank than our NRRD based MultiLabel writer to ensure the later is used in doubt.

As soon as the writer is available, we should add a note that mitkFileConvert can than also be used to convert/split DICOM Seg or our MultiLabel nrrd into multiple single label images!!! New Feature: :)

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