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RGBA - Volumerendering support
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"Scalar Volume + Realtime applied transferfunctions" rendering allows dynamic changes on the transferfunction, but has ugly interpolation artifacts (the "interpolation before or after apply transferfunction"-issue).

One method to adress the issue, is to apply a static transferfunction and convert the scalar volume to an RGBA-volume.

This allows also compositing of multiple RGBA images,
allowing to show multiple organs simultaneously.

Currently the GPU volume render already supports RGBA images,
but not the 2D-Mappers nor the Software-Renderer.

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next commit will contain a bundle for converting ct images with a transferfunction to a RGBA image.

this bundle contains the mitkColorImageProcessor class which contains all utility method for converting.

maybe it can be moved to mitkExt.

[SVN revision 21349]
ENH (#3194): RGBA image processing

[SVN revision 21350]
COMP (#3194): linux

[SVN revision 21351]
COMP (#3194): typename