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Volume rendering fails in MITK tutorial
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In the tutorial steps using volume rendering (for binary images), volume rendering does not work any longe.

The tutorials still use the old VTK software volume mapper. Using the new GPU volume mapper, everything seems to work correctly.

The old volume mapper still works in the MITK sandbox application (tested by manually disabling GPU volume mapper).

Possible solutions:

a) Fix the problem with the old volume mapper
b) Use new GPU volume mapper in tutorial steps

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Step3 (the one using voluming rendering)

seems to work on my machine (even remotely) and i cant reproduce it.

however it looks somehow "single-colored" as there is no color transferfunction used.

Mathias, is it still reproducable on your system?

Successfully tested Step3 which uses VolumeDataVtkMapper3D for volume rendering. Problem does not occur any more. Close this bug.