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refactor TrackingVolume
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It should be a filter derived from mitk::SurfaceSource that creates the surface, not a surface object itself that creates its own content.
mitk::TrackingVolumeGenerator* tvgen;
mitk::Surface* myTrackingVolume = tvgen->GetOutput();

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also, extend the filter to include tracking volumes of all supported tracking devices - also variants of existing devices like polaris spectra/vicra and MicronTracker S40, S60,...

I'm cleaning up my bug list, Alex, Ingmar, you should decide if this should be done and then reassign the bug to someone.

Alfred will work on this the next weeks...

[87e7ba]: Merge branch 'bug-3272-CreateTrackingVolumeGenerator'

Merged commits:

2011-05-09 16:54:13 Christian Zoellner [bb7ced]
Removed old test

2011-05-09 16:52:53 Christian Zoellner [7df00b]
Updated Documentation, added VolumeGeneratorTest into files.cmake, updated Test

2011-05-09 14:33:16 Christian Zoellner [054af5]
Some comments

2011-05-09 14:28:49 Christian Zoellner [6917a5]
Comments,new TrackingVolumetests, removed old TrackingVolume

2011-05-09 11:12:17 Christian Zoellner [e1dbbc]
Refactor the Generator to pipe/filter concept of igt, changed usages accordant

2011-05-05 18:03:46 Christian Zoellner [282333]
Refactoring code: Added generate method, type is member now, surface istn anymore, removed SetVolumneManually method

2011-05-05 11:17:14 Christian Zoellner [85870b]
Generator tkaes now a tracking device type or a tracker itself, modules used old trackingvolume class before, now use the generator

2011-04-29 11:02:53 Christian Zoellner [00cb60]
First bad and dirty Version of Generator,but works

2011-04-28 13:39:59 Christian Zoellner [e2596a]
Created interface and base class

2011-04-26 16:33:39 Christian Zoellner [2489c7]
CmakeLists update

2011-04-26 16:29:26 Christian Zoellner [ad8af8]
Added Generator Classes