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Extend RenderingManager with Property list
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There are various situations where properties need to be stored for groups of RenderWindows. Examples include

  • Coupled zooming (on/off)
  • Coupled plane rotation (on/off)
  • MIP-slice rendering (on/off)
  • etc.

All these properties can be unified in RenderingManager, which is basically responsible for managing a number of RenderWindows.

The RenderingManager should therefore be extended with an mitk::PropertyList

Event Timeline

Implementation is finished. I created the unit test for the rendering manager see T1985

Now I need the core modification flag...

[SVN revision 21370]
ENH (#3341): added PropertyList to RenderingManager

[SVN revision 21371]
ADD (#3341): added test for RenderingManager for testing the PropertyList see also T1985