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Volume Rendering: GPU Raycaster ATI Compatibility
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the vtkMitkOpenGLGPURayCastMapper is currently not compatible to all ATI cards.

Trying to fix it and recontribute it to VTK

Event Timeline

[SVN revision 27226]
FIX (#5915): fixed error message in mapper / however it still renders black on some ati card

[SVN revision 27230]
COMP (#5915): an essential method was also suppressed on VTK 5.4 #ifdefs/#endif

[SVN revision 27232]
FIX (#5915): found a workaround for the black rendering, seems a standard gl uniform is not transferred to the shader, just using a white light now, works for MITK

[SVN revision 27234]
FIX (#5915): improved lighting a little