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Strg (inverse) mode of Paint (segmentation) does not work
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In the segmentation module the "Paint" mode is responsible for painting segmentation with mouse. While holding <strg> it should substract (instead of add) the segmentation, this does not work.

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Markus, any idea? Could you look into this during bug squashing?

The problem seems to be the handling of <ctrl>+<mousemove> events by the SegTool2D statemachine.

The "Paint" module is also very slow, maybe you could make some improvements?

The state machine had incorrect actions sequences in the transitions of the "PressMoveReleaseWithCTRLInversionAllMouseMoves" pattern.
We fixed two additional bugs with Ctrl + left mouse click + move not applying the inverse operation and Ctrl + move (without mouse press) not responding. This was due to a lack of transition for that event. This event was created and added to the state machine.

We still need to verify that these changes do not break any other tool functionality.

[ad4e34]: Merge branch 'bug-6003-painttool'

Merged commits:

2011-06-29 16:19:50 Clarence Bartenhagen [fd1430]
fixed paintbrush tool interation

After viewing the changes:
What caused the bug? Was the feature not present before?