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Using MITK as an external project results in missing library paths
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If you use MITK as an external project, the MITK-build/bin link directory is missing in the library search paths list of the application executable. Other bin directories of VTK, ITK and GDCM are working.

For us adding

LINK_DIRECTORIES( /mes/bin/MITK/MITK-build/bin )

to the application CMakeList.txt temporarily works

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The application is a "small tool", a command line version of the server using no QT, only MITK and MES.

Adding to our CMakeList.txt of the application the missing line:


fixes all. That CMake variable seems to be build up in MITK_USE_MODULE macro.

The CMakeList.txt we are using was copied from another small tool (mbi/Modules/FatSegmentation/MiniApps) and modified to our needs. No idea why the original CMakeList.txt is linking without the line, and ours not.