Diffusion MITK 145223cf223f

Migrate from ITK v4.13.3 to v5.2.1


Migrate from ITK v4.13.3 to v5.2.1

Upgrade MatchPoint to an ITK v5.1 compatible version

Migrate MitkCore to ITK v5.1

Migrate Core test driver to ITK v5.2

Refactor UTF-8 conversion from IOUtil into Utf8Util

itksys::SystemTools is now based on UTF-8.

Fix error introduced during ITK 5 migration

Continue ITK v5 migration

Migrate MinMax(Label)ImageFilterWithIndex to ITK v5

Use ITK v5.2.1 instead of v5.2.0

Fix errors reported by Visual Studio 2022

Continue migration to ITK v5

Building the whole solution in WorkbenchRelease configuration works
now except for the image statistics calculation filter, which needs
a more sophisticated upgrade.

Complete first version of migrated image statistics filter

Fix event definition

Fix missing dependency

Set measurement vector size of histogram before its initialization

Migrate label statistics image filter to ITK v5

Add patch to make ITK 5 compatible to itself

Migrate more classes to ITK v5

Migrate legacy ITK threading to C++ standard library threading

I isolated the migration of threading involving the replacement of
itk::MultiThreader with std::thread in this commit as it has a high
potential of unwanted/unexpected runtime changes or bugs.

Complete compile-time ITK v5 migration in All configuration

This is a major milestone of the ITK v5 migration. It is supposed to
result in successful builds of the Differential build clients.
Platform-related fixes may be necessary.

Several tests including critical image statistics tests fail and hence
potential bugs introduced with the migration must be fixed before the
migration is ready for the develop branch.

Ref T27437

Test Plan: No test plan. This Differential is meant as a preview and to facilitate the Differential build clients.

Reviewers: O1 MITK Reviewer Group I, O3 MITK Reviewer Group II, floca

Reviewed By: O1 MITK Reviewer Group I, O3 MITK Reviewer Group II, floca

Tags: Breaking Change

Maniphest Tasks: T27437

Differential Revision: https://phabricator.mitk.org/D595


kislinskAuthored on Mar 12 2022, 1:23 AM
kislinskPushed on Mar 16 2022, 4:23 PM
O1: MITK Reviewer Group I
Differential Revision
Restricted Differential Revision
rMITKeaff6057f54b: Fixed T28998
rMITK4449cbb2a35f: Switch off dynamic multi-threading in several classes
T27437: Migrate MITK to use ITK 5.x

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