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CEST References
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For your own research and publication regard the following references:

For methodological aspects

Zaiss M, et al. Relaxation-compensated CEST-MRI of the human brain at 7 T: Unbiased insight into NOE and amide signal changes in human glioblastoma. NeuroImage (2015) 112:180-188.

Goerke S, et al. Relaxation-compensated APT and rNOE CEST-MRI of human brain tumors at 3 T. Magn Reson Med (2019) 82:622-632.

Schuenke P, et al. Simultaneous Mapping of Water Shift and B1 (WASABI)—Application to Field-Inhomogeneity Correction of CEST MRI Data. Magn Reson Med (2017) 77:571-580

Website: CEST sources

For technical aspects and platform

Debus C, et al. MITK-ModelFit: A generic open-source framework for model fits and their exploration in medical imaging–design, implementation and application on the example of DCE-MRI. BMC Bioinformatics 20 (1).

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