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2021 Week 42 (Late October)
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NOTE: This is the last or second to last snapshot before the next official MITK release.

๐Ÿ›  Third-party dependency changes


โœจ New features


๐Ÿ› Bugfixes

  • 3-d region growing works with seed points with negative values now
  • Updated documentation
    • Removed macOS "Mojave" and Visual Studio 2017 from supported platforms
    • Added macOS "Big Sur" to supported platforms
    • Added libxdamage to Ubuntu 20.04 prerequisites
    • Improved user manual of the DCE MR Perfusion DataFit view
  • Removed redundancy between classic and multi label segmentation views
  • The mxn multi widget is able to display data for different time points again
  • Fixed some more interaction issues primarily related to the PACS interaction mode (still ongoing work)

๐Ÿ”ฅ API-breaking changes

Removed support for .pic file format

We completely removed support for the DKFZ-internal legacy .pic image file format. It was declared deprecated already 10 years ago but there were still a few usages left in particular regarding test data.


In the rare case that you ever used or are still using this file format, download one of the previous releases or snapshot installers and use the MitkFileConverter command-line app to convert your images to another supported file format like .nrrd.

Removed legacy libraries IpPic, IpFunc, and IpSegmentation

With the removal of the .pic file format support, the last functionality that actually depended on the legacy libraries IpPic, IpFunc, and IpSegmentation was removed. Hence, these libraries were removed as well.


The bool correctionForIpSegmentation and bool constrainToInside parameters of the two methods ProjectContourTo2DSlice() and BackProjectContourFrom2DSlice() - implemented in the following three classes - were removed, as they were and are unused. To migrate, simply remove these boolean values from any call to the mentioned methods of the classes:

  • mitk::ContourModelUtils
  • mitk::ContourUtils
  • mitk::FeedbackContourTool

QmitkRenderWindow and QmitkRenderWindowWidget classes

The mouseEvent Qt-signal of QmitkRenderWindow was removed, since it was a leftover from the old base class QVTKOpenGLWidget. Accordingly, the MouseEvent Qt-slot inside QmitkRenderWindowWidget.h was removed.


The removed functionality was previously used to determine the active render window. This is now done by connecting QmitkAbstractMultiWidget::OnFocusChanged() with the mitk::FocusChangedEvent() of the mitk::RenderingManager.

mitk::DisplayScrollEvent class

The constructor of the mitk::DisplayScrollEvent class expects an additional boolean parameter for the auto-repeat mode now.

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