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2022 Week 28 (Mid July)
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๐Ÿ›  Third-party dependency changes

DependencyOld versionNew version
JSON for Modern C++3.10.5

โœจ New features

  • The nnU-Net segmentation tool now has an in-app download feature for pretrained models
  • Allow custom label name and color suggestions for segmentation labels
  • Improved picking segmentation tool for different labels
  • Improved user experience with segmentation tools and currently selected labels
  • Creating segmentations of dynamic images from the Data Manager context menu now let users decide to create static or dynamic segmentations
  • MITK on Windows now runs in UTF-8 mode by default (requires Windows 10 version 1903)

๐Ÿ› Bugfixes

  • Fixed loading of DICOM images with non-ASCII characters in filename on Windows
  • Fixed image statistics of dynamic images with static masks
  • Fixed an update issue with segmentation label colors in non-default layers
  • Fixed invisible segmentation tool previews of previously invisible labels
  • Fixed display of warning for rotated images in Image Cropper view
  • Fixed many potential use-after-realase issues with weak pointers
  • Removed no-op "Show in" entry from Data Manager context menu
  • Fixed logging of IGT tracking data to XML files
  • Floating point numbers are now stored correctly in level window presets
  • Fixed argument parsing of MITK FlowBench
  • Fixed missing icons in MITK FlowBench

๐Ÿ”ฅ API-breaking changes

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Frontal vs. coronal

While we use the term "coronal" in the GUI for a very long time, a few occurences of the alternative term "frontal" remained in our code, which have been adapted accordingly. To migrate in case of any "frontal" compile errors, simply replace the term as well.

Transveral vs. axial

See above.

Saggital/sagital vs. sagittal

Sagittal is the correct spelling.

Segmentation Tool classes

The class AutoMLSegmentationWithPreviewTool was removed since its base class AutoSegmentationWithPreviewTool now directly supports multiple labels. The method ComputeMLPreview() must be refactored into DoUpdatePreview(). See the OtsuTool3D for an example.

For the same reason, the signature of AutoSegmentationWithPreviewTool::DoUpdatePreview() now expects a LabelSetImage instead of an Image.

Several tool classes were renamed to better express their intent. Rename as follows:

  • AutoSegmentationWithPreviewTool SegWithPreviewTool
  • QmitkAutoSegmentationToolGUIBase QmitkSegWithPreviewToolGUIBase
  • QmitkAutoMLSegmentationToolGUIBase QmitkMultiLabelSegWithPreviewToolGUIBase

QmitkFunctionality class

Deprecated and almost completely removed many (read: many many) years ago, the very last remnants of the QmitkFunctionality class were removed as well. In the unlikely event of any issues... migrate to QmitkAbstractView already.

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