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planar figure isn't able to be deselected
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Once you selected a planar figure in measurement tool and you hit the planar figure button again, the planar figure count raises and the tool isn't deselected.

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Changed events in connection from trigger to toggle.
There are still problems remaining:
-deselect if triggered when planar figure is checked does not work.
-delete new node in datamanager if the planar figure is deselected.

[669b72]: Merge branch 'bug-10222-MeasurementPlanarFigureSelection'

Merged commits:

2011-12-07 14:54:59 Tobias Schroeder [14380a]
T10222 fixed - incrementing planarfigure names if no current node is set or currentnode is not initialized yet


if the current PlanarFigureNode is NULL or no Data is set in current node
the corresponding counter for the figure name has to be incremented.

If you push the planarFigure button after not drawing it, the name will
now stay the same.