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Create a Dicom module using CTK Widgets
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Create a usable dicom module using CTK Widgets.
The modules should implement a local storage system of dicom files.
The module can be used for import dicom files from CD, from a folder, or from a PACS realising the dicom query retrieve workflow.

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Most of this has been implemented in other bugs. I will add a note about the experimental status of this plugin to the GUI, then we can close this bug.

[eae7ee]: Merge branch 'bug-10445-ctk-dicom-integration'

Merged commits:

2012-09-18 20:15:34 Marco Nolden [47c873]
Icon for DICOM action in workbench

2012-09-18 20:15:19 Marco Nolden [f5a99c]
Experimental warning in dicom editor