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Support TimeSlicedGeometry to handle non evenly timed timesteps
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Currently all 3D+t data is initialized evenly timed even if it is non evenly timed. This could be a problem if someone explicitly creates non evenly timed data since the TimeSlicedGeometry does`t provide an appropriate initialization function.

Additional other components should support non evenly timed data like the DataStorage and the SliceNavigationController.

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goetzm added a subscriber: goetzm.May 14 2014, 4:10 PM

The creation of non-evenly timed Geometries is now possible due to our new TimeGeometry concept. To support non-evenly timed Geometries a corresponding class inheriting from TimeGeometry must be created. This should be possible without much change in the core.

I close this bug, since we have no concrete use case at the moment.