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Volumenrendering broken with GPUVolumeMapper3D
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Modify QtFreeRender.cpp in the following way to use volume rendering and gpuvolumemapper3d:

  1. Add line to includes:

#include "mitkCoreExtObjectFactory.h"

  1. Change line

node->SetProperty("volumerendering", mitk::BoolProperty::New(false));
node->SetProperty("volumerendering", mitk::BoolProperty::New(true));

  1. Add line RegisterCoreExtObjectFactory();



Then execute QtFreeRender.cpp application with file Pic3D.nrrd as parameter

Result: Error message displayed:

ERROR: In MITKBuild\VTK-src\Filtering\vtkDemandDrivenPipeline.cxx, line 727
vtkStreamingDemandDrivenPipeline (0CCE8390): Input port 0 of algorithm vtkImageChangeInformation(0CCDE4E8) has 0 connections but is not optional.

And 3D renderer window shows no content.

Works okay when not activating VolumeRendering or when not registering the Extended Object Factory (so that gpuvolumemapper3d is not used)

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Tested with current master (as of 2012-03-14 2pm CET)

Hi Christian,

we followed your instructions, but couldn't reproduce the vtk error you mentioned. We used the current master (b9826c8) and VTK version 5.6.1 with Visual C 2008 64 bit on Windows 7 and Volume Rendering turns on as expected.

Could you try loading the dataset in the ExtApp, and enable volume rendering by using the property list and look if it works? What VTK version you are using? (This is shown in the titlebar of the ExtApp)

Thanks for the effort. I could locate the actual problem which lies not within MITK but was related to loading DLLs at runtime that were compiled with an older version of MITK

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