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Fiber Processing Bundle tends to crash
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. load aSmallFIbs.fib (an Error window occurs)
  2. select the loaded image
  3. draw a circle for your ROI
  4. select the loaded image and die cirle-object in the Data Manager
  5. press "Extract"
  6. the Application tends to crash ...

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Peter, Iggy, is this on our radar for the release?

I just reproduced the bug with the current installer, fiber extraction crashes on both, circular and polygonal extraction.

As it seems it only happens on Windows I will take a shot at this.

The error window appears, because the aSmallFIbs.fib is of the ol fiberbunde format instead of the new fiberbundleX

Furthermore I noticed, that when connected by vpn the fiber renderer does not work (might be related to the opengl context being initialized differently when logging in remotely on windows)

[a75207]: Merge branch 'bug-11718-fix-fiber-processing-crash'

Merged commits:

2012-04-30 12:00:03 Caspar Goch [f616ed]
Fixed fiber processing crash

On windows compiler doing a vector.reserve( 5 ) does not allow you to access those five elements, it is just made certain that the appropriate memory space is reserved and available. Need to to a resize for direct assign