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Mitk Player can not Play Recorder Kinect Images
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For some reason the Recorder Files from the Kinect-Device can not be played using the Mitk-Player.
MITK crashes as you try.

To reproduce the bug just record a video with Kinect and afterwards try to open it with Mitk-Player.

Recording could be the problem as i had some not repeatable trouble on infinite recording.

Tested on Win 7 x 64

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New remote branch pushed: bug-13049-MitkPlayerCanNotPlayRecordedKinectImages

[746f06]: Merge branch 'bug-13049-MitkPlayerCanNotPlayRecordedKinectImages'

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2012-10-26 13:03:34 Justin Iszatt [dcad01]
Christoph managed to resolve the problem.
We were heading some troubles due to a wrong set image-resolution and some
trouble with the propertys in ToFUtil. After Alex had a look at the changes,
we can merge it to the master