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Application crashes when reconstructing tensor images
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Using Win64-Installer (24.09.2012)

Steps to reproduce:

  • Load .dwi image (for example gibbs_tracking.dwi)
  • Select reconstruction view
  • Select Tensors Tab
  • Check "Advanced Settings" in Tensor Reconstruction part
  • Select "With correction for negative eigenvalues" in drop-down menu
  • Start reconstruction with previous loaded image.

-> Crash

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Could also reproduce on linux64. Taking bug.

[8eb6d0]: Merge branch 'bug-13232-crash-in-tensor-reconstruction'

Merged commits:

2012-09-26 15:32:28 Jan Hering [ee4be0]
Catch NAN values in tensors

  • handle the corresponding voxel as 'bad', i.e. set the eig.val.
  • negative