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Tensor glyph rendering reinits on leaving the 2D renderwindow
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When the rendering of tensor glyphs is activated for some 2D view ( i.e. Axial ) it gets redrawn each time the mouse pointer leaves the render window's area ( i.e. towards other renderwindows or the GUI ). It also happens when the mouse pointer leaves/enters the whole window of the application.

It is disturbing since the glyph rendering time can be counted in seconds. Moreover if not all displayed voxel have a glyph to render because the max number of glyphs is exceeded, the distribution of the rendered glyphs vary on each redraw.

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New remote branch pushed: bug-13253-DontRedrawGlyphs

[7f0bcc]: Merge branch 'bug-13253-DontRedrawGlyphs'

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2012-12-11 17:37:16 Peter Neher [e38c64]
using LocalStorage -> only updating render window if needed