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Extend Diffusion documentation with a tutorial on importing data
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When presenting the 2012-09 Diffusion Release we encountered some problems with people trying to import different kinds of data.

It would be great if the diffusion module documentation included a page dealing with this kind of thing...
If you have a fsl.nii diffusion file you have to rename it to foo.fsl and the corresponding bvecs and bvals files to foo.fslbvecs and foo.fslbvals etc.

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[a364f3]: Merge branch 'bug-13402-importingData'

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2012-11-07 16:59:58 Thomas Van Bruggen [96d7d6]
removed spelling error

2012-11-07 16:58:25 Thomas Van Bruggen [867913]
added tutorial for fsl diffusion data in mitk