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White 3D widget after reinit
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Load an image and close the StdMultiWidget. Perform a reinit on the image node and the Multiwidget appears. However the 3D plane are white now

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I can not reproduce this on Windows 64-bit. Tested with several images.

New remote branch pushed: bug-13799-whiteWidget

Fixed the update Bug.

The rendering of the 3D Window may happen before any 2D render window is updated.
So we check that the resliced image is updated before usage in the GeometryData2DVtkMapper3D.

[b24044]: Merge branch 'bug-13799-whiteWidget'

Merged commits:

2012-12-05 15:39:45 Markus Fangerau [fd3da0]
fixed missing update of 2d renderwindows in 3d geometrymapper