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Crash by reopening segmentation view
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Steps to reproduce crash:

  1. load an image (I used Pic3d.nrrd)
  2. open segmentation view
  3. create a segmentation (don't use add, regiongrowing, etc.)
  4. close segmentation view
  5. select segmentation in datamanager
  6. open segmentation view
  7. choose an editing tool (eg. add)
  8. try to paint in the picture (here does only the crosshair move)
  9. select your picture, then again the segmentation
  10. choose again an editing tool and paint in the picture
  11. close segmentation view
  12. it crashes now by reopening the view, while the segmentation in the datamanager is selected

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A similar bug (maybe even same bug source) can be reproduced by the following

  1. load image
  2. create segmentation
  3. Close Multiwdiget (By click the [X] from the display tab)
  4. Click in Data Manager the Segmentation Node
  5. Click in Data Manager the image node

--> Crash

It is very unlikely to reproduce this bug. Setting target milestone to next release

New remote branch pushed: bug-13978-Fix-CrashDueToUnavailableRenderwindow

[a8a085]: Merge branch 'bug-13978-Fix-CrashDueToUnavailableRenderwindow'

Merged commits:

2013-01-09 14:53:46 Christian Weber [be9ee6]
bug fixed by adding check if MultiWidget exists

The bug reported by Bastian is hereby fixed (by checking if a MultiWidget exists before applying the interpolation)

Moritz Bug constist of two, which are split up into