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Can not open the Help Perspective on Ubuntu 12.04
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While working on the Documentation-Test-List on a Ubtunu12.04 64bit PC,
i am faceing trouble on opening the Help-Perspective.
As a first-time Linux-User -i have not installed any additional Development Software- I had to download the qt4 webkit to get things running. So it might be due to missing Software or other missing files.

After Clicking the "Help"-> "Open Help Perspective" an error pops-up telling you

Workbench error: Unable to create perspective "". There is no corresponding perspective extension.

At least Mitk does not crash on ingnoring the message.

The F1 shortcut is not working either.

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Have you been able to determine the reason?

Could not reproduce. Help perspective seems to work under 12.04. Possibly due to missing software or corrupt installer?

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