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Add Tests for mitkVolumeCalculator
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Added a Test to check calculated results with manually obtained values.
Documentes header file of mitkVolumeCalculator

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New remote branch pushed: bug-14387-AddVolumeCalculaterTest

Please talk to Marco or Sascha about which Bugzilla fields should be filled. This ticket currently has a wrong assignee and missing a change request.

Talked to Christian, it's just a small test extension and documentation

[429777]: Merge branch 'bug-14387-AddVolumeCalculaterTest'

Merged commits:

2013-01-30 18:07:56 Moritz Petry [4f0737]
Added Testing code, documented VolumeCalculation

[f57a56]: Merge branch 'bug-14387-AddVolumeCalculaterTest'

Merged commits:

2013-02-07 10:40:59 Christian Weber [7320c0]
COMP: forgot to add test to MODULE_CUSTOM_TESTS

[4ba0aa]: Merge branch 'bug-14387-AddVolumeCalculaterTest'

Merged commits:

2013-02-07 10:54:20 Christian Weber [fb7c1b]
COMP: moved test to correct test sub-set