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RigidRegistration: selecting registration presets crashes application
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  1. select two images to register
  2. select first of the registration presets

-> crash

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This bug has a high severity and was not fixed within the 2013-06 release. Setting target milestone to next release.

This happens when 3D images are loaded with a preset for 2D registration

My first assumption was wrong.

The selector of transforms, metrics, etc. works with a QWidgetStack. Every Transform gets his own QWidget that provides a GUI that enables the user to set parameters. In the past the view provided more transforms.

The presets are saved in an XML file, mitkRigidRegistrationPresets.xml. The transforms (and the other components that define a registration method) are identified by a number/index. The first preset offered by MITK: 2DCenteredSimilarityNormCorrelation is indexed with a 17, which is out of bounds. I modified the index in the xml file manually, but it is not a solid solution that can prevent similar things to happen in the future. Some other mechanism should be made. I will open a new bug for this purpose.

[3ecdf4]: Merge branch 'bug-14739-fixedPresetCrash'

Merged commits:

2013-08-14 16:39:10 Thomas Van Bruggen [8a8ba9]
fixed crash caused by out of bound index in registration preset file