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[Image Statistics Bundle] Internal Script crashes when switching back from "Use linegraph" to "Use barchart"
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During the Image Statistics Bundle Checklist Test 3 when selecting an image (Pic3D.pic.gz) a crash of the internal script occurs in case of switching back from "Use linegrah" to "Use barchart".

As an point of interest the fast switching beneath the both doesn't seem to provoke any errors.
But when I keep waiting for each process (rendering the histogram) to be finished, the mouse curser is still a loading circle for a while.
Afterwards a message appears notifying "The script on this page appears to have a problem. Do you want to stop the script?".

But be aware: sometimes the message doesn't seem to appear, especially when switching windows (CRTL-left or CRTL-right) and focus other applications...

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Could not be reproduced.
Probably fixed with T16158.

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