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Connectomics networks crash if creating multiple networks
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To reproduce:

  1. Open MITK
  2. Load a parcellation and two fiber images
  3. Select parcellation and one fiber image, create network
  4. Select parcellation and the second fiber image, create network
  5. Try to see statistics of networks

-> crash

Event Timeline

Setting TargetMilestone to 2013-06 ( for all critical, major and some medium bugs).

What is the status of this bug? Please change the target milestone to "AfterNextRelease" if this bug is not relevant or cannot be fixed in time for the 2013-06 release.

New remote branch pushed: bug-15245-connectomics-statistics-crashes-after-generating-multiple-networks

This was easier to fix than I supposed, so I think it could still be included in the next release.

[aeffa5]: Merge branch 'bug-15245-connectomics-statistics-crashes-after-generati

Merged commits:

2013-06-25 14:29:57 Caspar Goch [dcd04e]
Check index to be in range an reinitialize counter for each new run