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Improve help configuration options for external projects
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From the MITK users list:

Hi MITK community,

I am using MITK and BlueBerry as application framework and want to implement my own application.

Concerning QT QCH help files generation: is there a possibility to configure help file generation to switch on / off the help items of MITK modules (in code or in cmake)?

To give an example let's say I want to modify the content shown in the Help Perspective; keep information provided by MITK of the installed mitk plugins, disable some other help items and rewrite some basic help descriptions especially for a newly created application.
Currently my problem is that when I activate help file generation all help items show up, MITK and my own.

...or would the proper way be to write my own help plugin as in plugin?

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Usually the information in the help perspective (as in the content of the help pages) is provided by the UserManual directory of the plugins which have been switched on. There should not be a Module doxygen page.

The MITK User Manual (which most application manuals link to) can be found in the org.mitk.gui.qt.ext plugin.

Are you aiming to remove one of the views (Contents/Index/Search) a help page (corresponding to a plugin UserManual) or specific sections (part of such)?

Hi Caspar,
one feature would be to overwrite one help page, in case the documentation needs some extension. The next example is to exclude certain help pages of modules / views that are provided by MITK but are not shown in an application.

;) Best,

For the sake of an example we can look at the changes we made for our MITK Diffusion releases:;a=commit;h=4ee4983863a0b16d0785d7c0dff18ad788c8b1a6

Is a customization commit, where we remove manuals of views we do not use and adapt the general application manual to our workflow. This is more of a stopgap solution though, so if we collect specifications we can probably try to implement a better solution.

Sascha if you have specific plans regarding this for the new application system, would you care to comment?

Hi Ingmar,

writing your own help plugin like is possible but should only be done if nothing else is satisfactory (writing such a plug-in is a lot of overhead).

Currently, there is no possibility to filter / overwrite existing help pages. We could think about several mechanisms, e.g.

That mechanism sounds very well! How much efford would such a feature be?


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