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MITK is crashing when subtract operation results in no fibers
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Test join operations on fiber bundles.

I proposed scenario:

  1. I drawn ROI and extracted all fibers that are passing through that ROI
  1. Then I performed NOT operation on ROI and extracted fibers as well
  1. Then I joined fibers and I expected to have whole brain
  1. To check that I substracted fibers from point 3) from original fibers. I expected to get nothing .... but MITK crashed. I checked that twice .

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Increasing severity, changed TM to upcoming release. Best to get it fixed today.

Not reproducible on Linux ( in Debug mode ). Everything works just fine.

Same for me. Can't confirm. Do you have test data?

Switching TargetMilestone from 2013-06 to Unspecified for still open issues.

I was unable to reproduce the bug.
The process was successful and the results were as expected

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