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2D Normals inverted
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If the 2D normals (property) are rendered the front normals are rendered as the back normals and vice versa.

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I cannot reproduce this in Linux with ball.stl from MITK-data.

The bug might be restricted to open meshes and meshes with multiple components. I attached a test mesh. Please try it again.

Ok, I see it now. But how does anyone determine the "front" of an open mesh? To a human it's clear, but to the algorithm ... :) ?

I think it is not a big issue, since we already have the option to "invert normals" in case they are wrong.

In case a mesh has no stored normal it is indeed not trivial to find out its direction, but when a mesh already has stored normal they should be used of course.

The same problem is present when loading meshes with more than one component, even all components are closed sub-meshes.

Furthermore, the normals in the 3D view are correct. So we should synchronize behavior regarding normal calculation/usage.

We have the following options:

  • remove front and back color properties. The names are inappopriate anyway because it is misinterpreted as surface colors.
  • property description (temporary solution)
  • correct calculation of normals maybe the normals are incorrect interpolated

Current release is finished. Reseting target milestone...

I think this would be solved if we re-write the 2D polydata mapper to use VTK instead of OpenGL.

Will be fixed when porting to VTK.

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