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Layer of active segmentation is not at top when multiple images are present in data manager
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Solution in pseudo code:

segmentation->SetBoolProperty("fixedLayer", true)
segmentation->SetIntProperty("layer", highLayerValue)

Make sure to lower the layer when switching the active segmentation or set fixedLayer to false in that case.

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Couldn't reproduce the bug. Seems to be solved.

Still an other problem exists:
Steps to reproduce the problem:

1.) pull an image above or under the active image
2.) segment on the active segmentation
3.) the non-active image is in the foreground but you segment on the active image, so you can not see the current segmentation, because of the visibilty of the images in data manager

Addendum: Which is okay since this is actually what you can expect when drawing on a layer covered by another layer. This is similar to Photoshop and similar.

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