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Diffusion image channel navigator controls are not shown
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With the new superbuild, start workbench and load a diffusion image -> the diffusion channel slider and other controls are not shown.

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Are you using the MITK Workbench or MITK Diffusion ?

MITK Workbench by default does not have the diffusion command area activated (The one where the slider is located).

Did you open the diffusion imaging perspective?

I used MITK Workbench on Linux. Yes I opened diffusion imaging perspective. And also checked the problem with Thomas (has linux too).

I just tried to reproduce your problem with Windows and it occurs there as well (using remote desktop).

Can you verify that the slider will appear after doing the following:

  1. Start, switch to diffusion perspective, load dwi, select it

-> no slider

  1. Switch to any other tab in the activated views (such as from preprocessing to tensor)
  2. click in the command area

-> slider appears

Yes that, or switch to another perspective and back again to diffusion, will show the slider
if you show the slider these ways and then select another image, moving the slider won't have any effect. You should do the steps again with the new iamge selected.

The offending change seems to have happened between the 25/9 and the 02/10 installer.

It seems that there is a problem with the CsvSelListener. The DoSelectionChanged(..) methode have to be called if the OnSelectionChanged method is called.

I've pushed a branch. Pleas take a look for validation.
Maybe there is a way the DoSelectionChanged method is called automatically.

New remote branch pushed: bug-16233-FixCvpSelectionProblem

@Jonas: Tested branch bug-16233-FixCvpSelectionProblem
The controls are displayed correctly, but if you open more diffusion images, the first images will be unresponsive to the controls.

[07554c]: Merge branch 'bug-16233-FixCvpSelectionProblem'

Merged commits:

2013-10-04 20:15:55 Jonas Cordes [57b3b1]
call CvpSelListener::DoSelectionChanged(...) in QmitkControlVisualizationPropertiesView::OnSelectionChanged

Tested again from the latest repository and it is working flawlessly.