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Tutorial Step 9 is not working as described
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Step 9 describes to use the plugin org.mitk.example.gui.regiongrowing in the Workbench. However the plugin is not shown in the workbench which makes it difficult to proceed with the tutorial step.

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The reason for this bug is that the org.mitk.examples* plugins are not located in the src/Plugins, but in the src/Examples/Plugins directory. These plugins are currently not automatically included in the mitkWorkbench.

In my opionion all examples plugins should be added to the mitk Workbench, if MITK_BUILD_EXAMPLES is set to true.

New remote branch pushed: bug-16293-add-example-plugins-to-workbench

This is due to the fact, that the applications are created before the Examples/CMakeLists.txt is loaded.

Moving the plugin creation from the Examples/CMakeLists.txt to the main CMakeLists.txt will fix it. See pushed branch for a possible solution.

Sascha, do you agree with this solution?

Looks good to me. Could we include this in the release as well?

[6a6b38]: Merge branch 'bug-16293-add-example-plugins-to-workbench'

Merged commits:

2013-11-07 11:46:40 Caspar Goch [b16cde]
Move example plugins from examples/CMakeLists to CMakeLists