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Enhance mitk equal function for images to work with three component images
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mersmann added a subscriber: mersmann.

The image comparison for equality does crrently not work with three component images...but it should.

Once the mitkCompareFilter works with three component images, the Equal() method needs to be adapted and integrated into the mitkOpenCVToMitkConversionTest.

Rename the mitkCompareImageFilter to mitkCompareImageDataFilter since the data are compared and not the entire image.

New remote branch pushed: bug-16300-EnhanceCompareFilterWithThreeComponentImages

Included the filter in the equal method and tested it with mitkOpenCVToMitkImageConversionFilter, which worked. Now I write a unit test for the class.

Implemented the unit test and integrated it in the testing framework. Set Needs_Core_Modification and release_fix flags.

[a07de3]: Merge branch 'bug-16300-EnhanceCompareFilterWithThreeComponentImages'

Merged commits:

2013-11-13 16:49:33 Sven Mersmann [a5093c]
Integration of mitkMultiComponentImageDataComparisionTest as CUSTOM_MODULE_TEST.

2013-11-06 17:58:44 Sven Mersmann [0b9957]
Integrated the multi channel comparison in the images' equal method and added the unit test for the comparison class.

2013-10-30 19:34:37 Sven Mersmann [6f3cc6]
Integrated first version ofmitkMultiChannelImageDataComparisionFilter.

[e9d2ef]: Merge branch 'bug-16300-EnhanceCompareFilterWithThreeComponentImages'

Merged commits:

2013-11-20 15:02:16 Sven Mersmann [8de253]
COMP: Removed warnings and fixed the test.

[f9501b]: Merge branch 'bug-16300-EnhanceCompareFilterWithThreeComponentImages'

Merged commits:

2013-11-20 15:17:44 Sven Mersmann [2bdb50]
COMP: Added missing include.

[c27890]: Merge branch 'bug-16300-EnhanceCompareFilterWithThreeComponentImages'

Merged commits:

2013-11-20 16:40:15 Sven Mersmann [2b404a]
COMP: Added passing of filter result to output.