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Live Wire can cause MITK to crash
Closed, ResolvedPublic


  • Load Pic 3D
  • Create Segmentation
  • Activate Live Wire Tool
  • Double Click "outside the image" (see screenshot)

--> Crash

Propably easy to fix by checking the coordinates to be inside the image before proceeding.


screen.png (513×295 px, 20 KB)

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This bug is relevant for the upcoming release

New remote branch pushed: bug-16466-LiveWireCauseMITKToCrash

[9f920f]: Merge branch 'bug-16466-LiveWireCauseMITKToCrash'

Merged commits:

2013-11-27 15:18:45 Moritz Petry [d9a264]
Added check whether clicked point is in picture or not. If a point outside
the picture is clicked, it is not handled.