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Change color of binary images not correct updated
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Load 2 images. One should be a binary image.
Change the color of the binary image.
-> nothing happens.
The color changes after moving its node in the datamanager.

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The problem is more global. The property "binaryimage.selectedcolor" should be defined "for all" binary images as a global property, because the user does not want to remember a specific color if the binary image is selected. Maybe this could be implemented as a global preference similar to the depth sorting preference.

The following properties are not used (and should be removed?):


This would make the imageVtkMapper code more clear and ease the understanding of the colors for the user. We also compared the behavior to 3M3, where the binary image color changes directly if the common image color is changed.

This should be part of the image mapper redesign (see T18013).

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