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Tutorial steps 4-7 depend on deprecated QmitkExt
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The tutorial steps are using QmitkSliceWidget which is part of QmitkExt. QmitkExt is deprecated and the QmitkSliceWidget class has no documentation at all.

QmitkSliceWidget may be moved to the tutorials or the tutorials must be changed to show other features of MITK instead (e.g. using the StdMultiWidget in steps before step 8).

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The steps using the QmitkSliceWidget should be redesigned pretty soon since we have plans to add more tutorial steps to the documentation.
I think we all agree that its not advantageous to show outdated/deprecated code in the tutorial. Thus, I set the importance to "medium".

The QmitkSliceWidget has been moved to QtWidgetsExt (which is not deprecated). There are no plans to remove the QmitkSliceWidget from MITK, so I will mark this bug as invalid.

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