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Add tool calibration view to IGT Tracking plugin.
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Tool calibration is a basic feature for many CAI applications / research projects. Some work was already done in the closed-source part of MITK:

T12847: Here a pivot calibration for tools was implemented, but it was not tested yet.

T16856: In this application a reference tool is used calibrate a new tool.

Additionally, the TrackingToolMangement view already offers GUI elements to manually define a tooltip.

It might be a good idea to merge all this existing code into one new open source tool calibration view in the IGT Tracking Plugin. This view should offer the feature to select a tool from a tool storage which is available through microservices and calibrate it in different ways (manually, with reference tool, by using the pivoting method).

The view should display the transformation matrix as raw result and also offer the (optional) possibility to save the transformation as tooltip in the MITK tracking tool.