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mitkPointSetVtkMapper2D crash, assertion fails
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the pointset interactor crashes in debug mode.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

Start the app built in debug mode (we used VS 2010).
Open the PointSet interactor plugin
Click on the Add new point set button.
Give a name, enter.

I will send a pull request.

Event Timeline

I discovered a bug that might be the consequence of the proposed fix.

You cannot remove the last element of the point set. More precisely, it is probably removed from the point set itself, just the renderer is not updated. The reason because I think this is that if you add a new point, the previously removed point (that stayed visible) will disappear.

I mark it as invalid, as this was already fixed by Sandy on 2013.10.30. Unfortunately, our fork was based on a commit from two weeks before. Moreover, I our fix was not complete, the " ls->m_PropAssembly->VisibilityOff();" line was missing that caused that the last point stayed visible on the screen.

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