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Blueberry.clean crashes
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[1.761] Logfile: /home/christoph/.local/share/data/DKFZ/MITK Workbench_79742238/data/13/mitk-0.log line 5: 4627 Aborted (core dumped) "$binpath/bin/$appname" $*

INFO|Wed Oct 8 14:17:49 2014 ||/localdata/data/dartclient/MITK-Release-src/Core/Code/IO/mitkLog.cpp(130)|SetLogFile|0|n/a|Logfile: /home/christoph/.local/share/data/DKFZ/MITK Workbench_79742238/data/13/mitk-0.log

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Is this bug related to the current scene reader bug, which leads to a crash the first time MITK is started? If so, please close this bug.

(And mark as duplicate of #18185.)

Successfully tested for Windows 7 64 Bit and Ubuntu 14.04 64 Bit without any execution errors.
Mac OS Test is still outstanding. After completion this bug can be closed.

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