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RDF: Levelwindow only works on top layer data node
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Maybe this is a usability thing..
If I click on a data node (image) the levelwindow doesn't change for the selected data node (image) only for the top layer data node.

Maybe insert a tool tip to change the layers for changing the levelwindow of a wanted data node.

Even if I do a global reinit the Levelwindow still works only on the top layer data node.

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Maybe the selected Image in the Data Manager should be the selected in the LevelWindow...

Rightclick on the level window slider > Images > ... enables to select the image (not only the topmost image) where the new grey level range should be applied to.

This solution is indeed hard to find and not really usable if you want to use MITK to assess a large amount of different data sets.

We could think of appling the level window always to the selected image in the data manager, without sacrificing the level window context menu entry at the same time. Does anyone else has an opinion on that?

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Using T25483 it is now possible to choose setting the level window (slider) for the selected data node.