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Find concepts to control render windows individually
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In order to control the multiple render windows of the custom multi widget individually, we have to analyze the following mechanisms:

  • for a minimal working example
    • synchronize camera position (T24216)
    • reinit a single render window
  • already proven (can be used in a minimal working example)
    • load an image into a single render window (render window manager)
    • change the view plane of a single render window (render window manager)
    • change level window (PACS-like mode)

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Some problems have already been encountered in the render window manager:

  • crosshair disappears (T22876)
  • level window slider only affects the topmost visible node (T22878)

Crosshair: what is it original purpose?


  • render window synchronization
  • position / usage of (individual?) level window widget
  • multi widget editor: only layout for render window widget?

In the custom multi widget editor the level window is now adjusted using the PACS mode (mouse interaction on render window). So no level window slider (widget) is currently needed / used.
A toolbar-button allows to add or remove renderer / render windows to the multi widget layout by defining a layout grid.
The synchronization mechanisms have already been implemented in T24216 (also synchronized view direction).

I will take a look at the reinit-issue and see if there is any problem with the current approach (reinit on a single node in the data manager).

We still have to solve the crosshair-issue.

kalali raised the priority of this task from Wishlist to Normal.

The crosshair-issue has been solved in T23764.

Using the reinit-function of the context-menu of the data manager leads to a reinit of the selected image in all render windows. Since different render windows might show different images, this can lead to a render window showing only the background. We might think about implementing a render window specific reinit functionality in the render window manager.

The render window manager view now offers the possibility to reinit a specific render window.