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Fix auto-load messages (log levels) and CMake 3.0 issues
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The CppMicroServices auto-loading code prints status information on start-up, which interferes with CLI tools and is in general too verbose.

Further, the CppMicroServices interface code makes assumptions about Qt compile-definitions which are not true any more with CMake 3.0 (they changes the Qt CMake scripts). This leads to compile errors when building a MITK configured with CMake 3.0.

Fixes are available in the CppMicroServices upstream repository.

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User zelzer has pushed new remote branch:


[7fb0d0]: Merge branch 'bug-18253-cppmicroservices-update'

Merged commits:

2014-10-13 02:05:19 Sascha Zelzer [209cb5]
Added missing zlib super-build dependency.

2014-10-13 02:05:00 Sascha Zelzer [e76ccf]
Force CppMicroServices_DIR because super-build defines it empty.

2014-10-13 02:04:26 Sascha Zelzer [1a3308]
Only search for CppMicroServices if really needed.

2014-10-13 02:03:14 Sascha Zelzer [ed00aa]
Merge commit 'c81e8573c93be200ee40cb4af47d55a82f7397ca' into bug-18253-cppmicroservices-update

2014-10-13 02:03:14 Sascha Zelzer [c81e85]
Squashed 'Core/CppMicroServices/' changes from 21f878f..fbb9ebd

fbb9ebd Fix gcc MacOS namespace issue.
0e972ba Don't link already linked static module to test driver.
bc72d20 Use more complicated dummy code to silence ranlib on MacOS.
b365df1 Use Release configuration for ctest scripting.
55ede79 Moved include guard to the top.
6a8fa76 Removed wrong assertion about possible resource children.
72fe8d7 Avoid name clashes on Windows when linking static libraries.
29a5c3a Fixed Clang warning about using result of assignment.
8255605 Unregister listeners in case of test exceptions.
b1e45dd Use C calling convention for import module function.
fc41759 Improved documentation of usFunctionAddResources.
b46dbc9 Removed unnecessary MODULE_NAME argument.
84e7358 Moved doxygen header, footer, and css to top-level doc dir.
ababfdc Fixed small Doxygen issues.
69969b7 Merge branch '15-resources-without-loading-modules' into development
cf35e09 Fixed Windows warnings.
4d0df57 Create a non-empty cpp file as output from the custom command.
7ed807e Merge branch '24-optional-declare-service-interface-macro' into development
4b9d792 Fixed some coverity scan issues.
1527ea5 Provide a default service interface id for any type.
9fc6ba6 Merge branch '15-resources-without-loading-modules' into development
1ac36fe Handle zip archives explicitly in the resource compiler.
6f4ea90 The resources system is now based on full ZIP archives.
2619c6b Merge branch '22-log-levels' into development
488b0c0 Don't log auto-load infos but record it in a property instead.
ad74798 Added configurable logging levels.
ac626b3 Control the construction order of static objects.
33aed4d Check for valid tracker pointer.
238490b Fixed some Coverity issues.
31787f5 Merge branch '13-last-modified-time-for-resources' into development
474d74c Added documention for GetLastModifiedTime().
299028c Coverity support is now in the coverity_scan branch.
16cfd0f Merge branch '21-rework-static-module-system' into development
85baaff Only exclude example code, not its documentation.
202a168 Fixed doxygen warnings.
425d8fb Take build configuration into account during testing.
4fbd91b Static modules now get their own initialization code.
6075511 Merge branch '12-json-formatting-of-any' into development
b2275f0 Improved Any::ToString() and ToJSON() methods and added a unit test.
70c85f4 Added warning about possible error causes
8497221 Fixed warning regarding comparison of unequal types
ec33f04 Avoid Clang warnings/error about unused variables.
13fa870 Removed unused US_MODULE_SUPPORT_ENABLED macro.
2249b15 Merge branch '20-event-listener-example-module' into development
27d8c2a Use the correct type for the OBJECTCLASS property. Fixes issue #20.
8886807 Merge branch '19-declare-service-interface-with-qt' into development
8d4d0d1 Do not specialize the qobject_cast template for service interfaces.
4e3ca4b Merge branch '17-better-load-libary-diagnostics' into development
3c21855 Merge branch '14-sub-project-support' into development
fddc9b5 Use dlerror() for better diagnostics if dlopen() failed.
d0222e4 Stub for the GetLastModified() method.
f4eca95 Added ToJSON() method for retreiving a JSON string of the Any content.
96cf50b Fixed copyright header.
3526d14 Generalized infrastructure for creating sub-projects.

git-subtree-dir: Core/CppMicroServices
git-subtree-split: fbb9ebd771bfae2186cd221948e52ec6ab679c0b

2014-10-13 01:04:40 Sascha Zelzer [e5d07c]
Reduce exposed symbols and inlined methods in header file.

2014-10-13 01:02:43 Sascha Zelzer [4ee7a5]
Add pre-processor macros for all plug-ins for accessing a module context.

2014-10-13 01:01:35 Sascha Zelzer [b094a1]
Fixed compile errors due to CppMicroServices changes.

2014-10-13 01:00:54 Sascha Zelzer [f4528e]
Consider external CppMicroServices build at super-build level.

2014-10-13 00:58:49 Sascha Zelzer [730d90]
Fixed DICOM dump examples.

2014-10-12 03:03:06 Sascha Zelzer [ac007a]
Removed deprecated QT_MODULE keyword.

2014-10-12 03:02:41 Sascha Zelzer [8243b2]
Use new resources macro and unify testing macros.

2014-10-12 02:59:56 Sascha Zelzer [9aa3e7]
Adapt to simplified activator macros.

2014-10-12 02:56:17 Sascha Zelzer [8c2371]
Use custom service interface macro for qt support.

[19a4bb]: COMP: Merge branch 'bug-18253-cppmicroservices-update'

Merged commits:

2014-10-13 02:48:52 Sascha Zelzer [f35423]
Merge commit '6b21be9745525e9fbef514a22ce7752873b01742' into bug-18253-cppmicroservices-update

2014-10-13 02:48:52 Sascha Zelzer [6b21be]
Squashed 'Core/CppMicroServices/' changes from fbb9ebd..2e1f580

2e1f580 Fixed one more gcc MacOS namespace issue.

git-subtree-dir: Core/CppMicroServices
git-subtree-split: 2e1f580ce6edbd20ff6e24cf7f89a6d4856f70a4

[ae967a]: COMP: Merge branch 'bug-18253-cppmicroservices-update'

Merged commits:

2014-10-13 20:51:00 Sascha Zelzer [13887a]
Temporarily disable test.

2014-10-13 20:48:58 Sascha Zelzer [e68439]
Merge commit '0acd67eb0a5b86996e1cb19506be7fdbe220a070' into bug-18253-cppmicroservices-update

2014-10-13 20:48:57 Sascha Zelzer [0acd67]
Squashed 'Core/CppMicroServices/' changes from 2e1f580..73f0c04

73f0c04 Check for non existent resource paths.

git-subtree-dir: Core/CppMicroServices
git-subtree-split: 73f0c045b97fd30bd55343d64d8ef3b78b13e78a

[f734ad]: COMP: Merge branch 'bug-18253-cppmicroservices-update'

Merged commits:

2014-10-13 22:49:16 Sascha Zelzer [c6c6b4]
Actually remove failing test from test list

[934ce7]: Merge branch 'bug-18253-cppmicroservices-update'

Merged commits:

2014-10-14 01:28:14 Sascha Zelzer [523103]
Enable Gibbs tracking test again.

2014-10-14 01:27:55 Sascha Zelzer [a38dce]
Proper dependency handling for embedded resources.

2014-10-14 01:15:23 Sascha Zelzer [110076]
Merge commit 'dba28ccbfa32747db4e889921ecbcb1643466467' into bug-18253-cppmicroservices-update

2014-10-14 01:15:23 Sascha Zelzer [dba28c]
Squashed 'Core/CppMicroServices/' changes from 73f0c04..16603da

16603da Fixed issues with multiple usFunctionAddResources calls on same target.
ec67186 Avoid file open failures due to multiple fopen calls on Windows.

git-subtree-dir: Core/CppMicroServices
git-subtree-split: 16603da250f2690f2d625d662d4fa726be2d7b76

[c89d53]: Merge branch 'bug-18253-FixingOpenCLTest'

Merged commits:

2014-10-14 16:06:09 Thomas Kilgus [bc470f]

[571e18]: Merge branch 'bug-18253-cppmicroservices-update'

Merged commits:

2014-10-16 16:40:50 Sascha Zelzer [05c63b]
Merge commit '7dd922a880278b9ac51a50cc13de42c055b5bfd5' into bug-18253-cppmicroservices-update

2014-10-16 16:40:49 Sascha Zelzer [7dd922]
Squashed 'Core/CppMicroServices/' changes from 16603da..8591047

8591047 Check if module stream is valid.
025a4ee Don't add custom target or empty options if no resources are specified.

git-subtree-dir: Core/CppMicroServices
git-subtree-split: 8591047732e8924bfea23948dd5b22671d15494b

[2245e9]: Merge branch 'bug-18253-cppmicroservices-update'

Merged commits:

2014-10-28 18:45:13 Sascha Zelzer [5efa80]
Use new CMake macros for resource embedding.

2014-10-28 17:58:11 Sascha Zelzer [40615b]
Merge commit '76fa1141e04927ded5c18e1bf6b25a66562430e1' into bug-18253-cppmicroservices-update

2014-10-28 17:58:11 Sascha Zelzer [76fa11]
Squashed 'Core/CppMicroServices/' changes from 8591047..7527117

7527117 Merge branch '15-macos-linkedit-segment-issue' into development
2479b10 Clarify zip file look-up strategy.
863879b Use non-empty stub for resoures object to silence ranlib.
e6b7342 Create empty stub source file before actually compiling it.
8d44cc3 Use global library build mode for example module.
d36c77f Install missing cmake file.
bc1d6b0 Relax miniz end of central directory look-up strategy.
3f1625b Fixed MacOS resource embedding.
de5929f Added capability to embed (link) binary resources.
c6f7407 Removed unneeded miniz patch.
1d924ae The resource compiler now always creates a new zip file.
7b03bba Check exception when getting a module hook service reference.

git-subtree-dir: Core/CppMicroServices
git-subtree-split: 752711743de0a94ce9321eca6d526b041d76d542

[4e7903]: Merge branch 'bug-18253-macos-miniz-resource-lock'

Merged commits:

2014-11-19 23:44:06 Sascha Zelzer [7eb1a3]
Merge commit '8617a29bd0d185cdfca6210722cffced77386f13' into bug-18253-macos-miniz-resource-lock

2014-11-19 23:44:06 Sascha Zelzer [8617a2]
Squashed 'Core/CppMicroServices/' changes from 0ebe6b8..164a802

164a802 Fixed miniz central directory signature lookup.

git-subtree-dir: Core/CppMicroServices
git-subtree-split: 164a802ce920b19bb6b028dd0019f0178f856300