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LiveWire does not work (no interaction after initial point) and crashes
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load image,
create new segmentation,
choose live wire,
set first point with double click,

after this all other clicks are ignored,
no further points will be set.

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further investigation shows, that this problem depends on the image you load,
with Pic3D everything works fine.

with the other data item (that i can provide) , one can perform the segmentation,
even when its not possible, after double clicking on the initial point to end the segmentation, the workbench crashes if you accept the invisible segmentation.

User kilgus has pushed new remote branch:


I pushed a simple fix for to avoid the crash. The live wire tool does still not work well on this data set.

Once this is merged, the bug here can be closed.

I opened a new bug for the remaining issue: T18350.

[756368]: Merge branch 'bug-18329-CrashInLiveWireTool'

Merged commits:

2014-10-22 17:50:19 Thomas Kilgus [803f64]
Removed wrong return.

2014-10-22 16:36:05 Thomas Kilgus [fb2b0d]
Added check for empty contours to avoid a crash.